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Speed graph
The graphical representation of the vehicles’ speed is part of the basic service of patrolTrack. The system makes 24-hour graphs by GPS from the speed measured by the satellite. With its help you can check every minute of every hour of every day retroactively whether the given vehicle is over the speed limit. While you select the requested moment – the speed of which you would like to know - on the graphs by moving the cursor, the icon of the vehicle on the graphical representation takes you to the point where the vehicle was driving at the moment of the retrieval. So you can learn not only the speed, but the location, the road section where something happened.
The speed graphs are extremely useful because we can learn how the company vehicles are used. Clearly it will have a huge role in the conservation of the vehicles, in the decrease of its amortization costs and fuel consumption, and you will see if the drivers step on the gas pedal with a big foot.

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