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Fuel level control
Fuel level control
Do not let yourself be fooled any more. No more fuel theft from the fuel tank. From now, what was invisible, will be visible… It is the greatest opportunity for a cost cut that the fleet management system of the patrolTrack can provide.
Almost everywhere, but especially in shipping, fuel level control of the vehicles causes the biggest problem for the company owner. In order to control the fuel level in the vehicle, you have to complete the patrolTrack unit with an optional probe. With its installation, it is possible to control the fuel consumption. The system represents the increase and decrease of the fuel level graphically, which shows the “suddenly increased consumption” for the owner of the vehicle.
The patrolTrack system is able to make a fill-up list about a given period with the following data:
Date, Address, Fuel level before filling up, Fuel level after filling up, Difference (quantity filled up).
Based on the data above, the list that can be made with only one click, can be compared with the fill-up certificate issued by the petrol station. Comparing the two documents, perfect control can be received about the fuel account of the vehicle.
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