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THE patrolTrack SYSTEM
The patrolTrack is an Internet based vehicle, fleet management service, which is available from every Internet points of the world. Its extremely demonstrative, clear and understandable control panel provides easy usability for every client. Its versatility helps control the logistics of vehicle fleets, and it provides an overall control over the vehicle fleets. Its professional services and reports will have a key role in operating the vehicle fleets in the most cost efficient way.
The patrolTrack vehicle tracking unit is a little electric device, which contains an integrated mobile phone. A GSM SIM card is needed for the operation of the device.
The operation of the patrolTrack fleet management system is based on GSM, GPRS / SMS technology. The device has its own memory for storing the data. It collects, stores, and forwards the vehicle data continuously through the GPRS network into the server centre operated by the Service person. The vehicle data are stored on the server for a long time and the clients can process, check or download them through the Internet after connecting to the server. Every client has his own password; the server selects the vehicles that belong to the given password and makes only those ones visible to each client.

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